Islamic Banking and Investing

Fardows is an Islamic financial technology company that allows you to save, spend and invest in a halal and efficient way. Your faith no longer comes second.

Your Halal Bank Account

Fardows offers you an interest-free halal bank account and debit card you can use to buy anything you want. Easily fund your account and use thousands of ATMs for free!

Your Smart Halal Investment Advisor

Get access to a smart roboadvisor to help you invest your money with attractive returns in a halal way. Fardows’ risk adjusted robo advisor takes into account your personal financial situation and is much cheaper than traditional financial advisors.

Transfer Money without fees

Whether you want to send money back home, transfer money to someone locally or give Ediyahs to your family, let Fardows take care of it.

Your Money Tracker

See where your money is being spent every month and where you could save money.

Your Halal Market

Whether you need to buy halal food for iftar, plan your pilgrimage to Haj, or get your new clothes for Eid, Fardows gets you access to some of the best deals for your halal needs

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Feel free to contact us and learn more about your future Halal banking solution!

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