Women and Islamic Finance

Find out how women are increasingly shaping Islamic Finance’s future

Islamic financial instruments and how they work

Learn about how Islamic financial products such as halal loans and mortgages are made.

How big is Islamic Finance?

Learn more about why the Islamic Finance market is growing quickly

Halal Investing guide

Learn more about how you can invest your money in a halal way

Benefits of Halal Investing

Find out why Halal investments produce greater financial returns than conventional investments.

Principles of Islamic Finance

Learn more about the key principles that Islamic Finance abides by and why it does

Zakat Explained

Explore where Zakat originated from , what it involves and how Fardows is helping.

ESG vs Halal Investing

Learn more about Islamic Finance’s similarities and differences to ESG

Why digital banks over normal banks?

Find out why digital banks are competing with traditional banks

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